B2B audiences are smart. You need to demystify your product and explain the technical nitty-gritty to your audience. As someone who has a technology background, I can communicate your product's technical specs in a whitepaper that will boost your credibility, with minimal hand holding.

Need help designing it? I work with great designers who specialize in B2B specs who will help you put your best foot forward.

Website Copy

Your website is much more than just a business card. It's your professional persona in digital form. B2B audiences expect you to speak their language and address their problems. Your website is how you'll do this. Get in touch with me to realize the full potential of your website's copy, build your brand image, and compel your visitors to take action.

Everything Else

Need to figure out your content strategy? Need someone to take charge of your content calendar and align it with your sales efforts? Need to talk to someone to help make sense of this whole content marketing thing? Get in touch with me!


Blog Content

Your blog is a crucial part of your B2B marketing stack. It's where your prospects will click to figure out what you're talking about. I'll create funnel stage relevant content for your blog, be it business-oriented or technical, that will help you drive conversions. Not sure what you need to talk about? No problem! I'll help you with that too.



Case Studies

User reviews are more important that ever. What better way to showcase your product than a case study featuring one of your customers? I'll conduct interviews with your customers, help you craft your approach to the case study, and create content that will get your prospects to trust you and your product.

Email and Paid Campaigns

"Always on" is increasingly expected by B2B audiences and you need to engage with your prospects constantly. Email newsletter campaigns are critical to your success, as are landing pages and other paid ad campaigns.

I'll create emails that get your prospects clicking through and ad copy that attracts clicks from qualified customers. Stuck for ideas? Work with me and experience the wealth of insight I can bring to your ad strategy.